Full analysis of the characteristics of LED wall washer

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       LED wall washer lights are literal, LED wall washer lights are literal, let the lights wash the wall like water, mainly used for building decorative lighting, and also used to outline large-scale construction.

  About those places where LED wall washer is mainly used

  LED wall washer is very suitable for panoramic flood lighting of interior and exterior walls such as government lighting projects, commercial venues, stages, conference rooms, display lights, ancient buildings, civilized squares, elevated overpasses, exterior walls, and construction. Landscape building body, field square. Landscape objects, walls, and exhibits are painted in color. Generally, LED wall washers are used in field projects.

  LED wall washer has a variety of color changes, dazzling and colorful!

  LED wall washer can do red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, colorful and colorful color changes and other effects. After the organic combination of colorful light and water, a smart feeling occurs and brings you a dreamlike feeling.

Jiangmen LED Wall Washer

  About the characteristics of LED wall washer:

  1. Use sophisticated high-power LED as the light source.

  2. Long service life, more than 50,000 hours.

  3. The wall washer is made of aluminum alloy shell for heat dissipation.

  4. The projection angle adjustment scale is large and the brightness is high.

  5. With fixed screw holes, universal interface, convenient installation.




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